About us

We are first and foremost, music lovers and event promoters from different event companies who come together to show beneficence toward all proponents of Caribbean entertainment, whether you are from an island or just know what good music is all about !!!

Goal :

One of the main reasons for this event is to lay out the many talents and artistic prodigies of the World, so we can ensure they get recognized, appreciated, and valued by an eager public that is willing to discover new singers, musicians, and performances altogether. These artists always have access to a decent, quality event platform and proper promotion before, during, and even after the festival. It aims to connect a community through the love of music by creating unforgettable and engaging experiences so that, in the long run, the festival is invited to most of the countries located in the Caribbean, South America for now, and even worldwide later.


As expected, TAKE OVA is taking the world by storm and is thrilled to provide a better show every year. The music, the sun, the beaches, and the fun are the four fundamentals of our festival, and of course, sightseeing and excursions are an added bonus. Welcome to the TAKE OVA Festival, where not only do you get to enjoy good music, appreciable company, and create amazing memories; but yet again you are in for a plethora of astounding artists, widely known or emergent, who are more than happy to show you a good time. Various vendors and sponsors will be selling everything from food to art, products, and services. Each day comes with a different set of artists and DJs. Plan ahead and ensure you are ready for a great weekend of fun! So folks, get ready as TAKE OVA LLC is about to shake your world upside down, but for the better!!!!